Jazzland, also known as Six Flags New Orleans, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The photos of the amusement park under water were broadcast all around the world, and were horrifying, like everything else in New Orleans that year.

The City of New Orleans currently owns the abandoned park, and it is still standing in east New Orleans, believe it or not. Evidently, Six Flags sought to terminate their 75-year lease with the city, beginning in July 2006 and finally succeeded in September 2009.

Only in Louisiana has found some really unsettling photos of what Six Flags /Jazzland looks like now. There has been talk on and off throughout the years about a revitalization of the property, but right now it's just....sitting there as a reminder of the horrible devastation in 2005. Check out the photos, and watch the video above, and try not to get creeped out, y'all. Although, we must say, it's a perfect setting for Halloween.....



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