Congressman and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham raised a million dollars in the first hundred days of his campaign to unseat Governor Edwards. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it’s a crucial fundraising marker to cross, but it still puts the candidate in 3rd place in a three-way money race for the mansion…

“It’s great that he’s got a million dollars, but when you look at what the incumbent Governor Edwards has, and what (Eddie) Rispone has pledged to spend, it’s nothing compared to what Rispone and Edwards will be able to spend.”

Edwards started 2019 with 8.4 million in the bank, and the other Republican in the race, Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone has pledged five million dollars of his own money to the race.

Even though he may be lagging behind his Republican opponent in fundraising, Pinsonat says the million dollar mark means the Congressman now has the cash on hand to buy enough name recognition statewide to be a serious contender.

“It’s hard to poll somewhat when you ask them about Ralph Abraham, and they are from Crowley and he’s from Monroe, and they don’t know who he is. It’s hard to get them to vote for you when they have never heard of you.”

Pinsonat says the best part about pocketing this kind of cash early in the race is that the Congressman can pour it all into boosting his own name, while outside big money organizations tear into his main target, Governor Edwards.

“They don’t have to spend a lot of money attacking Governor Edwards, the outside PACs, the Republican PACs, and the National Governors Association will be in here.”

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