Beginning Saturday, access to medical marijuana will be greatly expanded in our state.

You mkay remember earlier this year, I wrote a story in regards to this legislation, and now it's officially going into effect. Prior to this weekend, only a very small handful of select doctors and physicians could prescribe medical marijuana. Only those who successfully obtained a special license were allowed to prescribe it.

Now, beginning this week, medical marijuana will be accessible at a much higher rate for Louisianians. The new legislation allows any doctor or physician in the state, who is in good standing with the board, can prescribe cannabis as treatment.

LSU medical marijuana licensee Wellcana CEO John Davis says, "Before dispensing any medical cannabis products to a patient, the pharmacist is going to review the patient’s records in the state’s prescription monitoring program.”

He also spoke about the benefits of prescribing medical marijuana, as opioids to traditional pain killers. He says, "We are seeing a decrease in the consumption and prescription of opioids and that is directly related to the replacement of those opioids with far fewer side effects.”

For those wondering, as of right now medical marijuana is not covered under health insurance, although I am sure that's the next step.



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