The “Adoption Option” bill that would require abortion clinics to provide information about the adoption process to women seeking abortions is nearing final passage. The legislation would also mandate the creation of a state website with information about adoption. Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Ben Clapper says he hopes it will result in fewer abortions.

“We want women to encourage giving their children the gift of life and also choosing adoption which not only helps the babies but helps the mothers as well,” Clapper said.

Clapper says women need to be made more aware before committing to an abortion about the financial and institutional support available for women who put their children up for adoption.

“It improves the resources that the state is making women know about the option of adoption,” Clapper said.

Clapper says right now, too many women are ignoring the benefits of adoption, and choosing abortion instead.

“For every one hundred of abortions that are performed there are only two adoptions. We need to increase the awareness and the availability of the great option of adoption,” Clapper said.

The bill has received little opposition in the legislature.