Air quality warnings and a call for an Action Day is in effect for much of the state this week as a cloud of dust descends on Texas and the Bayou State. Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Forecaster Patrick Zahn says its dust from over 5,000 miles away.

“Dust that has been lofted in the Saharan desert by strong winds there is being transported across the Atlantic ocean by the trade wind.”

Zahn says the dust is expected to impact most of west Louisiana, and even extend into the central portion of the state.

“Were looking at Shreveport and Lake Charles and also there is some light westerly winds that are carrying eh dust all the way to Baton Rouge.”

DEQ scientists puts the risk factor for health problems related to dust in the same category as ozone, and as such as asking people to cut back on their driving any other ozone producing activities for the week. Zahn says it could make it a bit more difficult to breathe these next few days for people who suffer from asthma.

“The general public is not likely to be effected but people with lung disease, or children or older adults are at greater risk for exposure.”

The air quality warning runs through Thursday.

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