The House will consider whether or not delivery services should be allowed to bring low alcohol content booze with their food to your front door.
Shreveport Representative Thomas Carmody says his legislation specifies that the alcohol must be brought with food, and must be in the original manufacturer’s seal container, so that means no margaritas…

“In Louisiana, you and I could both go to pick up a margarita or a daiquiri to go through a drive-through window, and put a piece of tape over the top of that cup, call it a “sealed container”. That’s not gonna fly.”

The bill is the result of recommendations of the E-Commerce Committee’s fall recommendation about how to allow alcohol delivery and deal with the potential liability issues.

Carmody says delivery people would be authorized to refuse to drop off the order if they’re suspicious about the recipient’s age, or level of inebriation.

“They have the ability then to refuse delivery to that person because things just don’t look right. “Well, my mother's in the shower!”… no, your mother has to sign for it.”

Currently, food delivery services do not require their workers to have all of the same certifications that a waiter has, but Carmody says under this legislation…

“They also have the responsibility under the training that is required in the law to be just like a server would here in Louisiana, whether you are a bartender, or a waitress or waiter.”

The same committee that passed this bill also passed other alcohol-related legislation like allowing delivery people to accept the LA Wallet app.

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