A youth baseball game at AA Comeaux Park in Abbeville turned into a night of fear and chaos for many families when an alleged incident involving threats of gun violence and physical assault left parents and children terrified. To make matters worse, the troubling events unfolded during a championship game for eight-year-olds, leading to widespread panic and calls for action from the community in the wake of the incident.

Nicole Pogue, a parent at the game, took to Facebook to express her horror over the incident. According to Pogue, a parent at the game threatened gun violence and called for others to join her in physically assaulting attendees. The threat caused immediate panic, with parents shielding their children, hiding behind the dugout, and some even seeking refuge in nearby woods.

"Our children were terrorized tonight! The picture etched in my head is everyone screaming, yelling, and praying out loud! Parents were laying over their children! We were hiding behind the dugout, and some were hiding in the woods! It was a terrifying site!" Pogue wrote in her post. She criticized the Abbeville Police Department for their handling of the situation, stating that the individuals responsible were allowed to leave without consequences.

The Quality Sports Authority (QSA), the organization managing the event, also released a statement on its official Facebook page corroborating Pogue's account and expressing its own dismay over the incident. QSA assured the community that it would take action against those involved and highlighted its commitment to ensuring the safety of children and families at all QSA events.

"We are all disturbed and upset about the situation that occurred at AA Comeaux Park last evening on our Tournament Championship night for QSA. Our management regrets that our children and our parents had to witness this terrible and inexcusable display of behavior by adults," the QSA statement read.

Abbeville Mayor Roslyn White also addressed the incident, confirming that she had been notified of the altercation and that the police were investigating. She stressed the importance of holding adults accountable for their actions, particularly when they jeopardize the safety of children.

"I do believe that any adult who behaves this way over a youth baseball game should be held accountable for their inappropriate and dangerous actions," Mayor White stated. She assured the community that those involved would not be allowed back on the property until further notice.

Despite these reassurances, many parents remain deeply concerned about the safety of their children at future events. Comments on social media reflected a mixture of relief that no one was physically harmed and frustration over the perceived lack of immediate action by law enforcement.

"What a scary night. It breaks my heart just thinking about it," commented Tiffany Turner, a parent who attended the game.

Josh Lemaire, another concerned parent, urged others to voice their concerns directly to the police. "Something needs to be done. Everyone that was there and witnessed this tragedy at the ballpark needs to go to the police station and voice their concerns and ask why nothing was done," he wrote.

The Abbeville Police Department has released the following statement via Facebook, saying that a formal press release will be forthcoming.

If anyone has any information, was a victim in the alleged incident, or was an eyewitness, the Abbeville Police Department asks you to come forward and provide a written statement and/or video footage you may have from the scene.

This is a developing story; updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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