Everyone in Acadiana is all too familiar with the damage that flooding can do, but U.S. Senator John Kennedy has announced that some money will be making its way to an Acadiana parish to try to prevent this issue.

There are three parishes that will be receiving FEMA grant money for flood mitigation, and St. Mary parish will be getting money.

The money that St. Mary Parish will be getting will be used, according to the press release, for "installing new culverts and pumps and drainage excavation.

The FEMA grant totals $2.1 million.

Two other parish will also be receiving grant many, and they are West Feliciana and Orleans parishes.

The $2 and 1/2 million West Feliciana receives will be used for "preventing erosion in the Bayou Sara streambank and the undercutting of a local sewer system."

In Orleans Parish, they are planning to use their $1.8 million grant to "fund research and data collection for the Orleans Parish Lakeview project designed to prevent flooding by diverting storm water."

Senator Kennedy says,

Flooding in Louisiana can wreck homes and turn streets into rivers. These FEMA grants spread over three different parishes help us build systems that will divert storm water and protect our homes and neighborhoods from flooding and erosion.