A Minnesota police officer has been charged with second degree manslaughter after shooting Philando Castile. That shooting happened the same week Alton Sterling was killed during a confrontation with two white police officers. Legal analyst Tim Meche says don’t expect the federal investigation into the Sterling case to be resolved anytime soon.

“Every case is different and every jurisdiction is different, what we have here is the state prosecutor, Hillar Moore, has recused himself.”

Meche says the local district attorney was in charge of the Minnesota case, while federal prosecutors are working on the Alton Sterling case. He says there is a five year statute of limitations, so they are in no rush to come to a conclusion and statewide elected officials aren’t getting involved.

“There doesn’t appear to be the nature of the public outcry that we’ve seen in other geographic areas.”

Back in October, U.S. Attorney Walt Green issued a statement that said the Sterling case is a priority and are taking their time to ensure no stone is left unturned. Meche says federal authorities tend to take much longer to do an investigation and bring the case.

“The Danzinger Bridge defendants weren’t indicted until like four years after the incident. It’s not surprising that they’re taking longer.”