When I'm driving around in the rain, and I pass a Lafayette city bus stop, I always worry if someone is there, standing in the rain.

The Lafayette Transit System is the only mode of transportation for some in our city, and when temperatures climb, being at a bus stop must be miserable.

Another local company is helping to improve situations like these by taking part in the "Adopt A Spot" program.

On Tuesday morning, officials with McDonald's and Lafayette Consolidated Government will be unveiling a shelter at the bus stop that is located at 1430 Southeast Evangeline Thruway.

You may not have thought about this, but there are 650 bus stops in the city of Lafayette.

The unfortunate part is that only about ten percent of those bus stops offer shelter from the heat, rain and the cold temperatures of winter.

Plenty of students navigate these buses on a daily basis when schools are in session, and people trying to get to work are also left to the whims of Mother Nature because most bus stops in the city don't offer shelter.

McDonald's of Acadiana and other community members are teaming up to help that change.