Los Angeles, California (KPEL News) - Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may have just did a civil service act that was better than many of the things he did while in office.

The "Governator" - California's 38th Governor - served two terms in office, replacing the recalled Gray Davis in 2003 and winning reelection in 2007. His celebrity status carried him into the governorship.

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"I have never been afraid of the fight, and I have never been afraid of the hard work," Schwarzenegger said when he won election to the governorship in 2003, as pointed out by NPR. "I will not rest until our fiscal house is in order. I will not rest until California is a competitive job-creating machine. I will not rest until the people of California come to see their government as a partner in their lives, and not a roadblock to their dreams."

His popularity plummeted following his reelection, though, as NPR pointed out he left behind a $28 billion budget deficit and with an approval rating of only 23 percent - just above Davis' approval rating. He fought the unions and Democrats, and lost. Sexual misconduct allegations paired with the budget disappointment left a sour taste for many at the end of his governorship.

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"Looking back, I stepped over the line several times, and I was the first one to say sorry," said Schwarzenegger to Men's Health as pointed out in this Sydney Morning Health article. "I feel bad about it, and I apologize," he said in reference to the LA Times article of six women coming forward to say he groped them.

The former governor made national headlines once again when he decided that he had enough of waiting on his local government to fix a pothole on his street in Los Angeles.

"Two holes have been here for over a month and we have been complaining to the city and making them aware of it and they haven't responded," Schwarzenegger told Inside Edition

So, he grabbed a shovel and went to work!

“Today, after the whole neighborhood has been upset about this giant pothole that’s been screwing up cars and bicycles for weeks, I went out with my team and fixed it. I always say, let’s not complain, let’s do something about it. Here you go,” said Schwarzenegger on his Twitter account, which he uses to not only promote things happening in his celebrity life but to encourage people who are trying to get healthier every day.


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