Those of us who identify with the Cajun lifestyle have a particular trait that makes us keenly capable of surviving. That trait? We view almost anything as food. That doesn't mean we will eat anything and everything but if something gets out of control or starts to annoy us you can bet there will be a pot of rice cooking and onions, bell pepper, and celery being chopped for the pot.

Austrailia is having a bit of an issue with one of their most iconic creatures, the kangaroo. I have been to Australia and I can tell you from personal experience these son-of-a-guns are just about everywhere in the rural areas. The problem the Aussies are having is there are just too many of the animals roaming free.

Kangaroos are big. They would make an NBA player look up and they are stronger than any player on the Saints defensive line. Imagine an Angus cow that can hop, fight, and carry a calf around in its front pocket. That's your basic kangaroo. So you can imagine the problem motorists might have when they encounter a 'roo buck. It's at least a call to the insurance company if not the ambulance.

Here's where the Cajun mindset comes in. Instead of freaking out like the people in Michigan and Germany are doing about crawfish. The Aussies are just coming up with better ways to cook kangaroo. In the eyes of the Aussie and the Cajun, the problem is solved.

I have eaten kangaroo and I can tell you it is not bad. It's very similar to beef. The cut I had was a loin and it was served with a brown mushroom gravy. It was absolutely wonderful. Kangaroo jerky is really good too. LIke I said, the meat is lean, it's full of protein, and if you know your way around a kitchen it's good.


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