Bacon is one of the few foods on this Earth that is perfect and beautiful all by itself, it doesn't need seasoning or melted cheese. However, that hasn't stopped some scientists from trying to make it even tastier...

 The Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium announced they have cracked the complicated pig genome in the hope that they can improve the quality and quantity of pork production on a genetic level.

The project hopes to use this new information to make a type of bacon that is higher in quality and taste. The challenge is modifying the genome to create a certain kind of pig that can produce different strains of pork that can appeal to different kinds of bacon lovers. For instance, the bacon flavor that Americans enjoy may not taste the same to pork lovers in Asia, since their bacon contains more fat than most American brands.

Of course, this breakthrough isn't just about improving bacon. Researchers are also want to use the genome data to improve pigs' immune systems and make them less susceptible to diseases as they are being raised. They're also tweaking the pig genome to produce pigs that grow faster and eat less over time.

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