Barack Obama made some comments recently about the Buffet Rule.  In them he brought with him some of the "wealthy" that he says support the idea of paying more taxes.  In his comments, he talked about Ronald Reagan and how he talked about a "return to fairness" and said that the Buffet Rule could really be called the "Reagan Rule."

The two ideas couldn't be more different.  Ronald Reagan pointed out that the wealthy were paying too much and lowered taxes bringing on one of the most successful eras in American history in the 1980's.  Barack Obama on the other hand, wants to raise taxes on the wealthy under the guise of "everyone paying their fair share."

This is the point where you hope to hear from someone in the Reagan family, dressing down the President for invoking Ronald Reagan in a bid to increase taxes.  It is truly insane to think that President Obama thinks invoking Reagan will get Republicans to fall in line.  Does he really think that the GOP is just that dense?  Does he honestly believe that Republicans everywhere have no idea what Ronald Reagan believed until Obama takes the time to tell everyone?

This is the sort of thing that needs to be pounced on by the media and it will not.  Beyond Fox News, you will not hear the challenge of this statement.  Rather the reverse, you will hear this as a challenge to Republicans to fall in line with the President.

The President maintains his obsession with raising taxes in an election year and he continues to hope that this class warfare idea works.  It can if you do it right, but people are much smarter than Barack Obama thinks that they are.  That's why insisting that Ronald Reagan would have approved will backfire on him.  He would not have approved of this move.

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