On President's Day political blogger Walt Bennetti from clickjefferson.com joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a number of Louisiana topics.

  • Approval ratings for state-wide elected officials
  • Governor Jindal's national political aspirations
  • Potential candidates for governor
  • Potential candidates for US Senate
  • Governor Jindal's first meeting with state media in four months
  • Karl Rove and the TEA Party

This past Thursday Governor Jindal held a ceremony at the State Capitol honoring Louisiana couples married more than 70 years.  At that ceremony Bennetti noted,

Jindal actually stood up and took questions from the media.  Only six questions, but he did take questions.  He talked about still working with legislators on his plan to eliminate the state income tax.  He also said he would be meeting with President Obama in a couple of weeks to talk about Medicaid.  He said he's not going to change Medicaid and called it an outdated system.

Proving once again that Republicans eat their own Bennetti said,

Here's another example.  Karl Rove the architect behind George Bush and other candidates nationwide, raised and spent $300 million in the last election cycle.  He wasn't happy with some of the results he got.  He was not happy that the TEA Party is growing in a lot of areas.  In some cases the TEA Party put up candidates that were not successful because they weren't great candidates like Christine O'Donnell.  He's forming another group called the Conservative Victory Party.  Their whole goal is to stop TEA Party candidates from winning Senate nominations...Democrats are also setting up a fund to set up far right-wing challengers to further weaken GOP candidates.

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