Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed:

  • LSU losing money on an Edwin Edwards event
  • Senator David Vitter pushing for Congress to not get exemption from ObamaCare
  • New Iberia Mayor Hilda Curry wanting to use campaign funds for a trip to Europe

Recently LSU hosted an event with former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and Bennetti said it was not a money-maker.

The LSU Student Union Theater hosted an interview with Edwin Edwards and brought in Larry King, noted talk-show host to interview Edwards. LSU, the Student Union Theater actually lost $45,000 on the event because not enough people showed up.  The theater was about half full and the amount of money, I mean they paid Edwards $6,000 to appear....They paid Larry King $66,400 and gave him two nights in a hotel suite in Baton Rouge. Even though LSU lost money on the event the Student Union Theater said it was still a good event because students got to attend for free even though only 100 students attended...No taxpayer money was used because the money came out of student fees.

US Senator David Vitter has introduced legislation to remove Congressional exemptions from Obamacare and Bennetti says the legislation is not being well received.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Barbara Boxer submitted an amendment chastising Vitter in particular.  Their amendment would deny federal employee contributions to the health care insurance of anyone in Congress whom 'the relevant Congressional ethics panel has probable cause to determine has engaged in the solicitation of prostitution'...Vitter called Harry Reid an old-time Las Vegas Mafia thug.

Bennetti noted that New Iberia Mayor Hilda Curry has had travel plans disrupted the State Ethics Commission.  Bennetti said,

She went ahead and submitted information to the State Ethics Board and she asked if it was ok to use campaign finance money to finance her trip to Belgium and France because in her mind, she said she's going over there to discuss establishing 'sister city' relationships with some cities, she didn't say which ones...She calls that official city business but she doesn't want the city to pay for her to go.  The State Ethics Board said we don't have a problem with that except you don't have any meetings scheduled.  Come back when you establish a schedule and we'll make a determination.

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