Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approves more than $1.5 million in funding for teaching residencies. Department of Education Assistant Superintendent of Talent, Hanna Dietsch, says beginning in 2018 teacher candidates will be required to complete one year residencies, similar to doctors. She says $1 million of the investment will go to Louisiana universities that will offer the programs.

“As they redesign their preparation program to include full year teaching residencies and a competency based program design,” Dietsch said.

Dietsch says the nearly $600,000 in additional funds will go towards stipends for program participants. She says part of the funds will provide $2,000 stipends to 233 teaching residents.

“Offsets any potential loss of part-time wages they might experience while they have to spend more time in the classroom,” Dietsch said.

The money comes from existing state and federal funds. Dietsch says teaching mentors in 18 partnering school systems will also get a check. She says 288 mentor teachers hosting the yearlong residencies will each receive a $1,000 stipend as well.

“For mentors, this is a $1,000 stipend to acknowledge the additional work they’re doing preparing teachers in new preparation programs,” Dietsch said.