Only in Louisiana is a great place to find out cool facts and trivia about our beloved Bayou State. And they have come up with a list that is bound to be controversial, just because we have such an abundance of delicious food close to home. They claim to know where the 12 Best Places to Get Crawfish are, and they are listed below, in no particular order. And just for the record, I love Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge, which didn't make the cut, but is still one of my 'go to' locations, always. Let us know where your favorite spot for boiled crawfish is!


  • Hawk's Restaurant - Rayne
  • Louisiana Crawfish Time - Lafayette
  • Kim's Seafood - Bossier City
  • Crawfish Hole - Lafayette
  • LTK Seafood - Baton Rouge
  • Crawfish Tyme - Bossier City
  • Dwight's - Lafayette
  • Crawfish Town USA - Henderson
  • Robbie G's - Alexandria
  • Deanie's Seafood - Bucktown and French Quarter New Orleans
  • Cormier's Cajun - Monroe
  • Big Fisherman - New Orleans



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