There are just two players left on each side of the bracket.

Voting in Round 3 of the best hitter and pitcher in the Robe Era yielded no real surprises.

The closest vote was in the hitting category where all-time home run leader, #9 Scott Hawkins, eliminated #4 Dex Kjerstad, garnering nearly 55% of the vote.

He faces #2 seed Jonathan Lucroy in the finals, after the current big leaguer ousted #3 Jace Conrad.  Lucroy got 77 percent of the vote.

On the pitching side, top seed Scott Dohmann, who pitched six years in the big leagues, got 66% of the vote, eliminating #4 Hunter Moody, while #3 seed Gunner Leger advanced, getting 78% of the vote against #7 Justin Gabriel.

So, today, it's Hawkins vs. Lucroy and Dohmann vs. Leger.

Voting goes until 9 am tomorrow.  Then the two bracket winners go head to head.


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