Last night was another lucky night for lottery players in the state of Louisiana. No, we didn't produce a ticket that matched all the numbers necessary to claim to top Powerball prize of $241.9 million but we did sell a ticket in the state that is worth $50,000 to one lucky player.

According to the Powerball website the numbers that were drawn for last night's Powerball game were:

12   18   20   29   30   Powerball 16 and Powerplay x3

No tickets across Louisiana matched all of those numbers. There were tickets sold in Ohio and Wisconsin that were worth $2 million dollars and tickets sold in California, New Jersey, and Washington DC that matched enough numbers to earn a $1 million prize.

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Lottery officials in Louisiana say the $50,000 winner that was sold in our state matched four of the five white-ball numbers that were drawn for the August 11th drawing. The ticket also matched the Powerball. Now, the ticket purchaser did not opt-in for the Powerplay options of the game. If they had, the ticket would be worth $150 million.

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According to the Big Wins in Louisiana Page of the Louisiana Lottery website the winning ticket was sold in Gonzales. It was purchased at the Pit Stop Galvez which is located on Highway 44. The person holding this ticket will need to contact the Louisiana Lottery Office nearest them to arrange the payment on their winnings.

Meanwhile, two other tickets sold in Louisiana for the August 11th Powerball game are worth $300 this morning while another seven tickets are worth $100. You might want to double-check your ticket if you paid to play in last night's drawing.

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