A bill strengthening laws against animal sexual abuse passed the House unanimously and heads back to the Senate for final passage. Conservative Christian groups oppose it, because they say it could undermine Louisiana’s unconstitutional anti-sodomy law. Lafayette Representative Jean-Paul Coussan weighed in, with commentary from Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey.

“There are some sick puppies out there, without pun intended. There are various websites that I have been presented with here in the state.”

The bill’s language was alerted to more definitively only apply to instances of animal abuse. It does not change Louisiana’s unenforceable anti-sodomy law.

Coussan says the bill closes loopholes that allowed for those who abetted the abuse or profited from it to walk free.

“There is a serious issue, and of a matter of fact, they did not prosecute the person who was videoing because that is not covered under our current laws.”

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