Lieutenant governors from around the nation are converging in New Orleans for a three-day summit. Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser will welcome the annual 2018 meeting of the National Governors Association with opening remarks. Among the topics being discussed, Nungesser says he intends on bringing attention to the dangers of cheaper, imported seafood.

“We’ll have a panel to discuss the safety of imported seafood compared to great Louisiana seafood and give us an opportunity to get us support from across the country.”

Among the other items up for discussion, Nungesser says it’s his goal to figure out ways for states to work together in marketing themselves to international visitors.

“They see more than just one or two states, and we have to have a cooperative spirit in how we work together to get those international visitors to stay longer and spend more money in America.”

With Louisiana’s history in the state’s handling of emergencies, Nungesser says he will be discussing the best practices in managing a crisis.

“Things that many of these Lt Governors might not have even thought of, had they not been through what we’ve been through like Katrina, Rita, Ivey, the oil spill, the 2016 flood, things that we can give them best practices on.”

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