The dress--yes THAT dress, the one that is most definitely gold and white--served as a reminder for Jaci Russo and her team at Russo Group, as well as any business owner trying to get their message out to the consumer, that each person processes things differently.

"How can we as brand experts work with that psychology and know that we can't just work with one message out and assume everybody is going to react the same way," Russo said.

Russo said one message may not work across all audiences. In the case of radio advertising for example, Russo said the message you deliver on KPEL-FM may have to be delivered in a drastically different way on HOT 107.9.

"What is going to resonate with a business person listen to KPEL is not going to resonate with somebody listening to HOT 107.9," Russo said. "You've got to be specific."

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