According to Fox News the U.S. Government will no longer fly illegal Mexican aliens home.  Who knew we were flying them home in the first place?  I thought if they got caught we brought them back to border and dropped them off on the Mexican side.

Until 2004 we actually did drop them off at the border then Mexican border states complained about the practice because they had to deal with the problem.  Imagine that!  So at a cost of $725 per illegal we starting flying the illegals back to Mexico City so they would not be a problem for the border Mexican states.  Now the Mexican government is complaining because hardened criminals like convicted felons are being flown home on the same planes as entire Mexican families that immigrated to the U.S. illegally.  I really don't care if they are felons or not.  All of them are illegal immigrants and I want them out of my country!  So what if a family has to fly a few hours with a hardened criminal in the next seat?  Those same hardened criminals got into our country the same way the families did and God knows what crimes they committed against American citizens and families while they were here illegally.

Since 2004 we have spent almost $100 million flying illegal immigrants of one type or another home to Mexico.  I think we should drive them back to the border and give them lunch or MRE's, wish them well and point them south.  We should not have to spend $725 per person to get illegals out of our country.  Maybe if we started dropping them off at the border as we did before 2004 the Mexican government would begin enforcing their border.  The Mexican government has shifted responsibility for their citizens to America and wants

to dictate how we care for them.  It's time we enforce the border and all of immigration laws.