A Bossier City state representative will file legislation for the 2014 legislative session that would ban any type of cell phone use while traveling through a school zone.

Rep. Jeff Thompson said studies have shown that one out of six drivers drive distracted while in a school zone. Cell phone use was cited as the number one reason for that distraction, Thompson said.

"What we're trying to do here is that, when in a school crossing, when children are present ,make sure that those drivers are paying attention because...children oftentimes don't," Thompson said.. That means we really should be careful."

Thompson's legislation, House Bill 370, would make it illegal to engage in a call, check email, send a text, or read or post to social media at anytime while driving in a school zone.

"We need to make sure we've got both hands on the wheel and we're watching for these children and those looking after them in the mornings and afternoons," Thompson said.

Thompson said there is a great risk associated with distracted driving while children are crossing the roads.

Thompson's bill would also apply to hands-free systems. He said legislation that advocates distraction-free driving typically gets a lot of support in Louisiana, and he said legislators need to move one step at a time.

"By pointing out the greatest risk posed to people when drivers are distracted, what could be a better example than a child crossing the road in front of you at a time when they think it's safe and the driver's distracted?" Thompson said.

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