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3 Touchpoints of Iconic Brands That Keep Them from Being Just Trends

When you think of brands like Apple, Coke, and Budweiser, images are conjured in your mind and they probably don’t have very much to do with what those brands actually produce. Chances are those three brands invoke a feeling. Those internationally iconic brands may seem a bit out of reach to most business owners, but consider the big brands in your city. They are also icons in the hearts and minds of the people you’re are trying to reach. The most iconic brands – local, national and international– have transcended all trends, weathered storms, and have tapped into something beyond “the now.” Your brand can too.

Let’s look at the 3 touchpoints of iconic brands that keep them from being just trends.

1. Emotional Connection: This is the most important connection your brand will ever make. For the individual you are trying to reach, making a purchase is deeply personal. They are driven by components you must understand and harness to really emotionally connect. This is where investing in psychographics can really pay off. The brands that have engrained themselves into people minds know what drives their target market on an intimate basis and psychographics is key.

2. Understanding Influences: Social marketing influencers may be a relatively new trend, but social influence is not. Successful brands understand the massive influence of family, friends and society as a whole. If you try something new and love it, you tell people. It’s as simple as that. Your brand is lucky enough to live in a time that much of this influence can be harnessed online in the form of social media. Iconic brands know how to turn their products into social experiences for all to share.

3. Reinvent to Stay Relevant: Maybe you inherited your business from an earlier time? Nintendo started in 1889 with playing cards. They reinvented to stay relevant many times over their long and successful history. Your brand can do the same. If your dad started an appliance repair store that you now own and operate, guess what? You can make some changes. Launch apps, update billing, change with the times and your old brand will find a new place.

Today’s culture moves a bit faster than when most of THE iconic brands were founded, but the principals they operate under are timeless. These touchpoints will help your company emerge from the pack of trendy brands and make a real impact on the people you are trying to reach.

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