7 Tips That Make Your Recruiting Efforts Count

Let’s face it, your business and your brand would mean very little without the right team in place, and recruiting top talent is one of the best ways to ensure your long-term success. For that reason alone it’s important to never put your recruiting on auto-pilot, ensuring that you are always on the lookout for not only the best talent, but talent that fits within your corporate culture.

Your Brand
Recruiting is vital to every brand. Taking the time and money to invest in recruiting is taking the time and money to invest in your overall success.

Your Team 
Having the right people in place ensures the ship runs smoothly. A proper recruiting strategy will enhance an already cracker-jack staff or improve a crew that is falling a bit short.

Your Potential Talent
The best and brightest are looking for much more than “just a paycheck.” Make sure they know they are valued for what they bring to the table.

So, let’s take a look at 7 of the top strategies to recruit amazing talent for your brand.

1. Attract Talent with Strong Character: A strong brand will attract the attention of possible star employees. Your work culture is the mark of your company’s character. Remember, happy employees are one of your greatest recruiting resources.

Strive to be ‘that company’ – the one that the top talent has already heard of. This can be as simple as being a leader in your field and tending to your reputation regularly.

2. Be Attractive to Millennials: If you hope your company will be around in 20 years, make sure you take time to hire a few folks 35 and under. They have different expectations and it’s important you are aware of what those expectations are. For example, for most millennials, money is less important than overall quality of life.

Look at a few things trending with millennials: flex hours, open office spaces, meaningful jobs. Adjust your company and overtime you will have the “staff of the future”.

3. Know Your Corporate Culture: Your corporate culture will probably be the MOST attractive asset in recruiting talent. Be honest with yourself and potential staff. If this is a 9-5 type of atmosphere let them know. If you expect innovation, be up front. Successful companies usually have an entire section of their websites devoted to company culture—and so should you.

4. Integrate Videos: Video is current and forward thinking, it will attract new and visionary talent. Consider a company video that focuses on culture, philosophy and atmosphere. Try to accept applicant video as part of the hiring process and consider interview videos a well.

5. Mobile Friendly is a MUST: Your applicants are probably learning about your hiring process via their mobile devices. Make sure your application process can be completed via mobile.

6. Use Social Media: if you come across a potential company Rockstar on social media—reach out. The public lives here, so does your potential talent. Use this as a recruiting tool. The best talent may not be actively searching for a job but might be interested in your company just the same. Be sure to branch out past LinkedIn. Monitor everything for potential talent.

7. Use Your Team: your best source of finding new talent is your current team. They are a recruitment tool and should be rewarded for bringing in qualified applicants.

Start today and develop a recruiting strategy that incorporates these methods. Depending on your needs, consider putting a dedicated recruiting team/person in place OR make sure all employees are familiar with recruiting methods. Remember, recruiting strategies are an investment in your brand.

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