Tips and Ideas to Get Your Brand Turning Out Engaging Mobile Video

How many bits of mobile video do you think you’ve watched today? Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube—your eyeballs could fall upon hundreds of tidbits of video content a day. It’s everywhere and it’s powerful. But how do you use it properly for your brand? Well, a lot of that depends on your brand type and marketing plan but we’ve narrowed down some ideas that will fit anyone’s mobile video plan.

1. Product Spotlights: If your brand is in the business of selling actual products, then mobile video is the perfect way to showcase new items. Consider a dedicated YouTube Channel just for spotlighting new products.

2. How-to Videos: People often watch videos to learn how to do something. They either have an interest and just like to learn new techniques or they may be a total novice. Either way if you sell a product that may need a bit of tinkering to get right, consider sharing your expertise. A great example of this is Sephora’s YouTube Channel. It’s filled with make-up tips that all involve their line of products.

3. Announcements: When your brand comes out with new products, you can create videos that offer a preview of all the new features. This is especially handy if you are in the tech industry. If you are debuting a new app or service feature, you can show off all the new tech. Intel uses its various social media sites to share loads of mobile video announcing new products, ideas and futuristic tech that will soon become reality.

4. Comparisons: Does your store or website offer a lot of options for similar products? Then help your customers make more informed decisions. Samsung knows it offers its loyal customers a lot of choices and not all of them are interested in the top of the line, newest gadget. Some just want affordability. So, they often compare multiple devices in mobile video so their customers make informed purchases.

5. Collections: If your business releases collections of products, like jewelry, clothing or even essential oils, you can also create videos around the entire collection. Show people the benefits of buying multiple items and how they can be used together.

6. Special Offers: The great thing about having a loyal following that enjoys your mobile videos that you can reward them. Consider announcing special offers via your videos, let your audience know you appreciate them not just scrolling past.

7. Testimonials: This is a great way to boost engagement. Think about creating videos that share some of your customers’ stories, in their words. You can interview people about their experiences with your brand and staff. They are sure to share the video among their family and friends as well. ZenDesk uses their mobile video to show how charities have connected with people all over the world using their products and services to help.

8. Video Series: If you get really into mobile video (and you should) you might want to consider producing a series. It can be “behind the scenes” or a weekly “how to” just so it’s predictable and reoccurring so your audience comes to expect the engagement.

9. Influencer Videos: You can also partner with local influencers and ask them to cross-promote in your videos. If you are in the restaurant business, get with a local food critic. Or if you make jewelry then ask a well-known fashion blogger to show off some of your creations.

10. Have Fun: If your office is having a beer tasting, post it! Maybe your staff has a prankster? Have some fun with the interns. Think of the hilarious videos that have gone viral for laughs; your brand could be one of them.

The point is to do SOMETHING regular with mobile video. The social media platform you’re using already offers a spot for you to showcase videos about your brand and you’re probably reading this post on a device that captures HD video. Use it! Think about the videos that catch your eye and why, then get to work. These videos can be an incredibly cost-effective way to boost engagement and see results.

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