Early voting has passed but many of you have decided to wait until November 8th to cast your vote. With the race for President headlining the ballot, as well as races involving both houses of Congress, it's easy to overlook the six Constitutional amendments on the ballot.

Well, in this edition of Wingin' It Wednesday, KPEL's Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee decided to shine the spotlight on these important issues and discuss them with panelists Carol Ross and Warren Caudle.

6 Constitutional Amendments, Louisiana Secretary of State
6 Constitutional Amendments, Louisiana Secretary of State

Warren's position on the constitutional amendments is pretty simple. Generally, he votes "No" on them because he believes they are the legislators' way of ducking big, meaningful votes and punting them to the voters (although he did admit to struggling with CA No. 2, which deals with the state's universities gaining the ability to be able to set their own tuition rates instead of the state legislature).

Carol gave mixed answers on the amendments, meaning she gave both "Yes" and "No" votes throughout the ballot.

The panelists gave passionate discussion on CA No.'s 4 and 6 and gave clarification to CA No. 3, which has confused some voters.

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