Public school students can have a bulletproof backpack next school year as a result of a new state law. Republican Senator Mike Walsworth, who sponsored the bill, says it could protect students in the event of an active shooter on campus.

But, if you are interested in obtaining one, you may need to act now to have one in time for the next school year.

“I do understand that the insert which is just a kevlar pad type of thing that you just put in the backpack might be a little more available than the backpacks themselves.”

Some schools require students to carry mesh fabric backpacks, but are they available with this bulletproof technology? Walsworth said he wouldn’t see an issue with that, but it may present another issue for school metal detectors.

“It’s not the fabric that keeps you safe it’s the kevlar that’s in there. Some school systems you even go through a metal detector. This would set it off too, but schools can work through that pretty easily.”

Walsworth hopes a child never has to use a bulletproof backpack, but if a shooter comes on campus, it could save a student’s life.

“Even with an AR-15 it’s a non-lethal wound that you get, so I mean, I think it works pretty good about putting the backpack in front of the child.”

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