Dr. Wayne Pernell is a consultant who helps businesses and executives every single day, but he's tackling a problem that many of us are facing in the COVID-19 recovery.


He's the CEO of Dynamic Leader and joined us this morning to talk about what we're feeling with this 'loss of freedom'. We've been forced to use technology more than ever before and it comes down to work-life balance.

Here are five tips "Dr. P" gave us to get through this time and tech:

  1. Be in control of your own schedule. Time for meetings. Time for tasks that aren't video calls. Time for home improvement and honey-do projects. These are things that have to be done anyway, so use this time wisely to get it all done.
  2. Schedule a "No Screen Time" hour. Give your eyes a break with blue light blocking glasses. Have a conversation and maybe a phone call. It can be work-related, but it's a little bit of personal contact that we all need.
  3. Plan out the week of 'demands'. Demand time for yourself to relax and come to terms with the new normal. What things do you need to do to make this week a success? Look beyond work responsibilities and tackle your list of demands one by one.
  4. Give your eyes a break. Close your eyes for a minute or take a walk outside. Walking outdoors will give you more to look at and you will actually feel better. This little bit of cardio may lower your stress and give you a better outlook on the day and the tasks you still have to complete.
  5. Relationships need to be project-based. Ask yourself what does my partner need? And accept that what they may need is space. Look eye-to-eye and make sure you're not treating them like a co-worker.
  6. Make a to-do list. This will give you a plan for your day or your entire week. Experts also say this is also a place where you can acknowledge your successes. Scratching things off a to-do list gives us a bit of encouragement and the feeling of accomplishment. To-do lists = good.
  7. Set a timer to get up and stretch. If you pace your day by standing up and taking a walk around the house. Maybe do some guided stretching on YouTube. Getting blood flowing could help with writer's block and could make your day go by faster. Who doesn't love that?
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