Q: Why should I buy a used vehicle?
A: When you buy a new car it depreciates up to 30% immediately . A good previously owned vehicle retains it's value from day one.

Q: Can you trade in a car when you are purchasing something used?
A: Yes. Actually Autoplex 2000 will give you top dollar on your trade-in.
Q: Why would I buy a used car from a dealer rather directly from the car owner.
A: Quality of the vehicle is always a consideration and Autoplex offers top quality used cars and trucks and we offer Carfax history reports. We also offer extended warranties and great financing is available.

Q: What about financing?
A: Autoplex 2000 works with 14 banks to get you the best possible interest rate. Also Autoplex 2000 owns it's own bank for in-house financing.

Q: But with a new car I can finance it for several years.
A: We understand that when you make a major investment in a top quality used car or truck you may need more time to pay and we offer extended terms on certain vehicles that are comparable to new car loans.