Eagles star and former Saint C.J. Gardner-Johnson has always had a reputation for speaking what's on his mind and not holding anything back. He’s making waves on social media once more this week as he aired out some animosity towards his former defensive coordinator, Johnathon Gannon.

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Gannon, now the head coach of the Arizona Cardinal, spoke to the media Tuesday at the NFL scouting combine. He asked about the Eagle’s collapse in the Super Bowl against the chiefs where his team would fall to Patrick Mahomes and company 35-38. He told the media that he could have done a better job of coaching exactly what he wanted out of the call he made in the second half but they just couldn’t get it done. This was Gannon’s full response.

Gardner-Johnson saw Gannon’s response to the media as a shot at his defense and he wasn’t going to let that go without a word or two. Gardner-Johnson took to Twitter to take a direct shot at his former coach but thought it was best to since deleting the tweet. This is what C.J. had to say in Gannon’s interview.

C.J. Gardner Johnson has since deleted the tweet, but that did not stop the media from getting their hands on it. It also hasn’t stopped fans from thinking that Gardner-Johnsons public criticism was a little unnecessary.

C.J. has never been shy about speaking his mind to the media or on social media, but is taking a shot at a coach, who never blamed his defense for the loss going a little too far?

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