Council for a Better Louisiana releases their candidate surveys, offering interested voters a more in-depth, detail-oriented look at the major candidates for Governor.

CABL President Barry Erwin says the 11 to 15-page survey asked candidates to weigh in on most of the hot button policy issues of the day.

“We’ve tried to have a pretty good cross-section of issues that are really the ones that people are talking about and want to have some answers about.”

The candidates submitted a roughly page-long response detailing each of their proposals in infrastructure, business and job growth, higher ed, k-12 ed, fiscal responsibility, tax structure, and criminal justice.

It doesn’t just touch on hard policy though, Erwin says the survey offers voters a glimpse into how the candidates view themselves, and what they find most important.

“We’re giving them some choices on leadership style, what their priorities are, and what they want their major accomplishment to be after four years to try to get some insight.”

The survey asked the candidates to rank three qualities that best describe them, list three outcomes they will measure their tenure by, and list the three factors holding the state back.

Governor Edwards and Republican Congressman Abraham submitted their surveys, but Erwin says the third major candidate in the race did not.

“We certainly reached out to Eddie Rispone’s campaign, and we’re in contact with them. Certainly, if we get a response from them we are glad to post it.”

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