According to reports, Cajun musician Al Berard has died..

Al Berard was an accomplished Cajun musician, known best for his fiddle playing.  He was the founder of The Basin Brothers Band, and owned a recording studio.

I had the opportunity to hear Al Berard play on several occasions, but my favorite was when he paired with Schel Reaux:

Al Berard was a talented musician and producer, and was proud to carry on his Cajun heritage through his music.  Throughout my career in radio, I never heard a negative word about him - always eager to lend a hand, an ear, advice.

"Joeann" left this message on Al Berard's Facebook page, and I think that she sums it up nicely:

I never knew Al all that well, but at the same time I think I did. Whenever I saw him he radiated that special something that I believe we all spend our entire lives hoping to achieve or become. It's like his soul shined sincere genuine love for life and for those he was with.


Rest in peace, Mr. Berard.  Thank you for the music, and thank you for giving it to Acadiana...


(Via Facebook)