UPDATE: The two people responsible for vandalizing Carpe Diem have apologized and they plan to pay $400 for repairs according to our news partners at KATC.

The two were arrested by U-L Lafayette Police at a later time for an unrelated matter.

Lafayette Police facilitated the conversation between the manager of Carpe Diem! and the two vandals.


In the early morning hours of Sunday two men vandalized an outdoor painted piano at Carpe Diem! on Jefferson Street. The two even filmed themselves in the act without noticing the video camera above their heads that caught all their actions for their criminal records. Police have collected fingerprint evidence from the piano but the owners of Carpe Diem! say they will not press charges if the two vandals pay for damages.

Click to see the surveillance video below ( You might have to copy and paste the link ) and call Lafayette Police at 337-291-8630 if you can identify either or both of the vandals.

Friends and patrons, we need your help. Last night at appr. 1:30am, Carpe Diem's painted piano was vandalized. Here's the video footage. Please share on your own timeline and call Lafayette Police Dept at (337) 291-8619 if you know the identity of one or both of these two young men. We encourage them to turn themselves in as fingerprints were collected. We will NOT press charges if all damages are paid for. #forgiveness

Posted by Carpe Diem! Gelato - Espresso Bar on Sunday, June 21, 2015

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