The 2016 American Country Countdown Awards went down on Sunday night on Fox and there was a moment on the show that no one in Acadiana will forget anytime soon.

It happened during the acceptance speech for the Female Vocalist of the Year award. The winner was Carrie Underwood.

After she performed her latest song "Church Bells", she gave her speech and in true Carrie fashion thanked the many people who help her continue on her path to the top of the country music world. She thanked her team, her band and crew, the fans, country radio, and the good Lord up above.

Then Carrie took a few seconds at the end of her speech to thank one fan in particular that many of us have been thinking about for the last week. That fan is of course, Isley Thibodeaux, the 10-year-old from Cecilia who lost her life in a car crash one week ago today.

As you may recall, Isley and her mom were on their way home from the Carrie Underwood show at the Cajundome when they were involved in a crash that claimed Isley's life. Her mother survived the crash with a broken leg.

Carrie concluded her speech by saying thanks to "one fan in particular, Isley Thibodeaux. Um, this is for you."

If that doesn't give you the frissons, then you don't have a heartbeat.

Thank you Carrie.

We love and miss you Isley.

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