Two of the hottest topics of the week, and maybe even this year, are yesterday's verdict in the Casey Anthony trial and the government's ongoing problem with debt.  KPEL's Winging It Wednesday panelists were debating both issues this morning.

Panelists Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg each weighed in on the not guilty verdicts handed down yesterday in the Casey Anthony trial.  Mike Stagg questioned the members of the media while Carol Ross said it was such a tragedy.  Warren Caudle had something to say about both of those comments.

When discussing the latest with the nation's debt crisis, all the panelists weighed in on the topic in a very passionate way.  Warren Caudle has often said, and did so again today, that one of the major issues with the debt ceiling, our debt crisis, and our debt spending, is that Congress, years ago, put in place an automatic budget increase.  Caudle says to add insult to injurty, these same politicians continue to approve these increases, and never manager to dismantle the automatic budgetary increases.

Carol Ross says many people are fed up with the government's spending, and that if citizens want the real numbers on budgets along with spending, they need to check out the facts with the Congressional Budget Office.  Ross contends that the CBO tells the real story of who spends, how they spend, and where spending could be halted to save money.

Mike Stagg says he disagrees with what Carol had to say.  Mike says there are many areas of the budget that need to cut, and he believes that part of the nation's troubles with spending have to do with the many corporations who are protected with huge tax breaks.