U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy says he’s reintroducing the College Transparency Act.  Cassidy said the legislation aims to make education more affordable to students by modernizing the college reporting system to make available accurate data on student outcomes.

“The idea is to provide actionable, customizable information for students and families after high school,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy said among the data used would be the completion of the curriculum, as well as post-college hiring rates and earning expectations based upon a selected school.  It will also factor in students with similar backgrounds succeeded at a school.

“They may graduate with $50,000 in debt and they have an 80 percent chance of graduating in that curriculum, and that they will earn $100,000 within the first two years of graduating,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy said he, along with LSU President F. King Alexander, coauthored an op-ed for CNN in support of the act.

“It’s just great.  We have kind of a unity, if you will, of higher ed with the legislature trying to figure out how students can have more information about how to have an affordable education,” said Cassidy.

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