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Utah Lawmakers Try Rapping...And It's Terrible
I'm sure most of us can recall the Schoolhouse Rock video that taught us how a bill becomes a law in the U.S. legislative process.
Utah lawmakers should have just posted "I'm Just A Bill" rather than making their cringe-worthy attempt at explaining the legislative process …
Netflix 'Fuller House' First Clips Wink at the Camera
If The X-Files served as any stark reminder, decade-brewing revivals don’t always work so well in a modern context, no matter how many original stars we throw at it. We’ll find out for certain with the Friday premiere of Netflix’s Fuller House, but in the meantime, prepare your …
10 Completely Unnecessary Signs
Signs are usually important. Well, besides the confusing sort or the total fails. But even those serve to share notable information with fellow citizens, or at least attempt to do so. But there are the select few signs that are unnecessary. Like, really unnecessary.

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