Congressman Charles Boustany has debated with Barack Obama before.  So you can imagine that he had some thoughts about the debate between the President and Governor Mitt Romney.  Boustany stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and said that he was pleased to see that Mitt Romney was able to win, as many have contended he did, the debate with Barack Obama.  Congressman Boustany was particularly interested in the comments about Obamacare during the debate.  Boustany mentioned that he remembered the same look on the President's face when he went to the White House during the debate that led up to Obamacare.  Boustany talked about the Affordable Care Act and said,

I have been opposed to Obamacare from the start.  I was one of the strongest advocates against it...I was asked by Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader as well as John Boehner, the House Republican Leader to actually give the official Republican rebuttal to the President when he gave a speech to a joint session of Congress on healthcare.

When Boustany was asked about the possibilities of bringing up the Republican alternative and a repeal of Obamacare in the next Congress, he mentioned that it was something that he thought had a great chance to be considered.  He also had sharp words regarding the funding that was cut from Medicare in the passage of Obamacare.  Boustany said,

One of my objections to Obamacare was the removal of $716 billion out of the Medicare program which is going to hurt providers who are already seeing reimbursements that do not match costs.

He also mentioned that what was done to Medicare was a step in the wrong direction.

Check out the complete conversation with Congressman Charles Boustany below: