Budgets for two new charter schools in Lafayette Parish were approved Wednesday.

The seven-member Lafayette Charter Foundation governs Lafayette Renaissance Charter Academy on Pont des Mouton Road and Acadiana Renaissance Academy in Youngsville.

Together, both schools require about $15 million in operating costs. The Lafayette school will receive about $5.6 million in state funding at $9,622 for each of its 591 students. In Youngsville, that school will get about $6.4 million for its 670 students.

For both schools, additional revenues come from food and childcare services, along with about $300,000 in grant money.

Salaries and wages comprise about a third of expenditures for both schools, at $2.4 million in Lafayette and $2.5 million in Youngsville.

The board on Wednesday also moved money from each school's management budget — $55,000 at the Lafayette school and $60,000 in Youngsville — to fund new technology purchases for classrooms.

Board Secretary Gifford Briggs said each principal will decide what equipment will be purchased, whether it's desktop computers, tablets or any other kind of electronic learning tool.

After the amendment, Lafayette Renaissance pays its Florida-based management company, Charter Schools USA, about $300,000. Acadiana Renaissance pays about $820,000.

Because Charter Schools USA is a private company, its budget isn't made public.

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