Tim Ackal recently found himself in a pickle after a fishing trip.  Ackal, nearly out of gas, pulled into a Carencro Texaco station.  That's when he realized he had lost his wallet and had no money or credit cards.  What the clerk behind the counter did next, is what makes Acadiana the greatest place to live in the world.

From Tim Ackal's Facebook page:

Last night I was driving home from fishing and stopped in Carencro for diesel. It was the Texaco right off I 49. It was at this time that I realized I had forgotten my wallet in my boat. Well to my dismay it wasnt there. I was now in a bind. No wallet no way to put diesel in my truck and I needed to go back and try to find my wallet. But I was near empty. Went inside and asked the clerk if she could accept my credit card numbers but that isnt possible. I was deflated. The young lady named Ebonie then did something that touched my heart. She said "Mr I think you a nice man and I believe in paying it forward so Im gonna give you my last $20 so you can hopefully find your wallet". She pulled out her pocket book and all she had was $20 and change and with the kindest face said, "Now you go put some diesel in your truck". I thanked her and assured her I would pay her back. She said, "No its okay God is good". Well I never did find my wallet in the dark but Im on my way back to search in the day time. And I will be making a pit stop to pay Ebonie back. What a sweet and kind young lady.

I just called and Ebonie is working this morning at the Texaco 926 Veterans Dr, Carencro, LA 70520. She was as nice this morning as she was last night. I told her Im bringing her some money.

Tim Ackal And Eb Jones
Facebook, Tim Ackal

Thousands of Ackal's friends and people on social media are praising Eb Jones at this hour for her sincere act of kindness.  Eb Jones, still being humble as can be, had this to say to everyone:

It was a blessing for me to be able to help you. The lord up above see’s it all! It’s a great feel knowing I could help someone out. This won’t be my last time doing a good deed. God bless u Mr Tim.


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