After airing the new Coronavirus spoof "Clorox Wipe" by Chromeo on CJ and Jenn in the Morning on 99.9 KTDY, many listeners reached out wanting to know where to find it.

The video of "Clorox Wipe" is available free on YouTube. The song is also available for a higher quality download and on white vinyl at Quarantine Casanova.

"Clorox Wipe" may be the best, let's try to laugh while we get through this pandemic song, this year. The tune shines a bright light on an otherwise dark situation.

Wonderfully inventive to make a dance album with songs that have to do with the Pandemic. 2020 is a sucky year, but this offering from Chromeo makes things go down more smoothly. 'Clorox Wipe' is absolutely charming! - Matthew FloresQuarantine Casanova.


Another A+ release from Chromeo. - BalooRJQuarantine Casanova.


Easily the best recording of 2020 so far. - MarathonQuarantine Casanova

All the proceeds from the sale of the song go to Know Your Rights Camp's COVID-19 Relief Fund Marathon. - Marathon, Quarantine Casanova

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