This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Mike Stagg, former Congressman Jeff Landry, and Carol Ross joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the increased resignation of Lafayette Parish public school teachers as well as the Supreme Court's upcoming decision regarding the Affordable Care Act and contraception.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Records show more teachers have resigned from their jobs in Lafayette Parish public school classrooms in the past two years than have resigned in any comparable period in recent history. The reason for it is in dispute.  Your thoughts?

Jeff Landry started us off:

It’s time to get rid of Common Core. Common Core is one of the main reasons these teachers are leaving, that and the ability to discipline children in the classroom. I think the environment that exists in the classroom has become so corrosive that these teacher are unable to do what the love the most, and that’s educate our children.

Mike Stagg added:

The problem with Common Core is the way it’s been implemented in Louisiana, leaving it up to each school district to implement it without any guidance from the state. The core issue is the transfer of power from local school boards to Baton Rouge that came the Jindal Administration's doomed education reforms of 2012.

Carol Ross Concluded:

They are trained as professionals then they get all power taken away from them in the classroom. I do not support failing schools and I do not support allowing teachers who are not certified in the classroom. I agree ACT 1 causes some problems, there’s no question about that.
The other problem is the evaluation of the teachers. They’re getting no guidance, yet they’re being told exactly what they have to do.


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2. The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court appear to be split on whether businesses can refuse to provide coverage for contraception on religious grounds.  Your thoughts?

Mike stated:

The idea that an employer can force their religious beliefs on your should be repugnant to everyone that calls themselves an American. That’s basically what Hobby Lobby is arguing.
I think Hobby Lobby is going to lose this case, and the rights of women to access healthcare, birth control, will be upheld.
The idea that anyone can force you to adopt a religious practice because they hold it is antithetical to what being an American is about.

Jeff added:

If you read the constitution, it only affects government’s intervention with private business. The greatness of America is you can quit your job and get another one.
There’s no reason why Hobby Lobby should not have the ability as a corporation to determine what they want to provide in the area of health insurance for their employees. This is dangerous ground for religious liberty. We should not be mandating what type of coverage employers give to their employees.

Carol stated:

Nowhere in the constitution is any protection for a business providing contraception. I did find that pesky little phrase "congress shall make no law religion regarding the establishment of religion, or providing the free exercise there of.”
The Restoration of Religious Freedom Act adds another protection for the rights of individuals to exercise their religious beliefs.
Corporations are people, they’re collections of people, but they are people, and they have the right to religious freedom

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