The red wave in this year’s Legislative elections guarantees Republicans will hold the Speakership and Senate Presidency. So, who’s set to replace the outgoing Speaker Barras and President Alario?

Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the race for Speaker is a tossup, with names like Lance Harris of Alexandria, Sherman Mack of Albany, and Stephen Dwight of Lake Charles in the running. That being said Pinsonat sees no early favorite.

“You have a bunch of candidates running, but at this point in time I don’t think anyone has enough votes, in fact I’m sure that nobody has the 50 plus votes they need,” says Pinsonat.

Barras held the position since 2016.

Pinsonat says Sharon Hewitt of Slidell, Ronnie Johns of Lake Charles, and Rick Ward of Iberville are up for the Presidency, but one name has emerged as an early favorite in the Upper Chamber.

“Page Cortez (of Lafayette) is probably the guy that is most likely to emerge, but we are still a long way from January,” says Pinsonat.

John Alario previously held the position, being selected in 2016. The Legislature’s longest-tenured member decided not to run for office again this year after being term-limited.

Pinsonat says the positions hold major significance, deciding committee assignments and chairmanships in a year with some major issues on the docket.

“Those committee assignments will be determining whether or not we will be having a constitutional convention, and what type of census we have, and what the census will do because that determines the makeup of the Legislature,” says Pinsonat.

The Speakership and Presidency will be decided in a January 13th vote.

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