At least one member of the Lafayette City-Parish Council feels there might be a too many “dollar stores” in the parish.  Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to talk about why he wants to look into the issue.

Kenneth Boudreaux says it was a concerned citizen that approached him about the issue that made him start to wonder about the number of these types of stores and their locations.  Boudreaux says there are multiple locations of Dollar General and Family Dollar in his district. He tells KPEL, "There are five Dollar Generals on Moss Street alone in my district."

Boudreaux represents District 4 on the Lafayette City Parish Council, and he says there seem to be stores such as these popping up all over his north Lafayette district.

Boudreaux tells KPEL he has asked for the help of "the Lafayette Economic Development Authority and the Lafayette Chamber" to find out statistics and to research the issue before he proceeds with anything.

He says, "Some people thought there was going to be an agenda item on the council's agenda this week", but right now, he just wants information.


Kenneth Boudreaux to listen to what else Councilman Boudreaux has to say on the issue.


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