HURON, OH (KPEL News) - The same item that helped a man break into a bank in Huron, Ohio, is the same item that failed him as police officers were closing in on his capture.

It was a failed robbery attempt turned hilariously bad when the alleged perpetrator, 27-year-old Tristan Heidi, fell into a recycling bin as he was leaving VacationLand Bank. The incident was captured on body cam by Huron Police as officers were getting ready to capture the suspect. According to The New York Post, Heidi used the recycling bin he allegedly stole from a nearby business to prop himself through the bank's access door.

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It was on his way back out the bank's access door that officers caught on tape the hilarious moment when Heidi realized the alleged heist had failed.

As you can see in the video, the recycling bin gave way as Heidi tried to make his exit.

“Aw f–k.”

Trapped inside the can, there was nowhere left for Heidi to hide.

“He was cooperative once he was apprehended,” Huron Police Chief Terry Graham said in this Fox8 article.. “He answered the officers questions truthfully and he just said he was broke.”

Of course, reactions such as "stupid criminal" are pouring in from across the country.

By the way, not only did the robbery attempt end hilariously as officers arrived at the perfect time but the suspect was not even able to steal anything.

Heidi was charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools and safecracking. He has since posted bond and has been released.

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