Too many people in Acadiana are experiencing hunger and need, and Catholic Charities of Acadiana says they have a plan to help combat these issues.

According to the CEO of Catholic Charities of Acadiana, Kim Boudreaux, there will be an expansion of both St. Joseph's Diner and a new FoodNet Food Bank in 2022. Through the generosity of law firm, Broussard & David, a capital campaign that will start in the new year has a $300,000 boost thanks to the law firm.

If people in Acadiana didn't understand the pain of food insecurity before the COVID pandemic, the true need was revealed during this time. There are issues with people not being able to get food, and there is also a huge issue with people having access to food. Many people in rural communities suffer not only from experiencing hunger, but they also have zero resources to get to the food.

In 2022, a capital campaign to build a new FoodNet Food Bank will start along with an expansion at St. Joseph's Diner so that more people can be fed. Boudreaux says,

The COVID pandemic highlighted not only the existing need of those experiencing hunger but also presented challenges in providing nutritious meals and supplemental food in a safe environment. Though it is time to return to in-person dining at St. Joseph Diner, we want to do it safely while also being in a position to not ever have to close the doors again.

The new expansion means that no only will more people be able to be served by St. Joseph's Diner, the hours of the diner will also be expanded. There are serious regional issues of people needing food, and the expansion of the food bank is hoping to lessen the burden for people who are hungry.

Blake David, the senior partner with Broussard & David, says they made the donation because it's about service to the community,

We are called to serve and take care of those who are most in need. Our firm, alongside our families, has served at St. Joseph Diner for years. We are thrilled to further invest in the expansion of the food and nutrition programs at Catholic Charities of Acadiana, helping them to reach further into the community and better serve our neighbors with compassion and dignity.

New hours for St. Joseph's Diner have started with service seven days a week, starting at 11 a.m. They are always looking for volunteers to serve throughout the year. You can click here, to find out how you can help.

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