With one more week to go until the New York presidential primaries, you could assume Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would run away with victories in their home state. But that doesn't mean their contenders are throwing in the towels.

Political Analyst Mindy Finn, founder of Empowered Women, spoke with Rob and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News today about what a victory in New York on April 19 means to the leading candidates in both political parties.

Finn said New York is Trump's state to lose. Ted Cruz angered some New York voters early on in the election cycle when he referred to Trump having "New York" values as a bad thing. But he toured a Jewish matzah factory in the Brooklyn last week to drum up some support in the Big Apple.

Trump's opponents must find a way to keep him under 50 percent at the polls if they want him from capturing all of the state's 95 delegates, Finn said.

The Clinton campaign is now showing signs that it is rattled by a chain of losses to Democratic contender Bernie Sanders, but the Vermont senator (and Brooklyn native) is nipping at her heels.

Finn said the public has been handed lots of surprises in this year's primary elections and caucuses. Though front runners Trump and Clinton seem to have what it takes to maintain the lead through next Tuesday's primary, do not count out their contenders.

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